AskUsNow! Toolkit and Lesson Plan for K-12/Homeschool and College/University Educators and Students

For the 2018-2019 school year, we have 1) updated the AskUsNow! toolkits, and 2) created an AskUsNow! Lesson Plan.  



The toolkit helps educators introduce their students to AskUsNow! and prepare students to access and use the service effectively for their research projects at any hour of the day.

The toolkit is six pages and includes information about:

Student Assignment Toolkit Update

What is Maryland AskUsNow!?

New Student Assignment Toolkit Draft

During the December 2015 Liaison Meeting, we discussed changes in the class visit toolkit's, reworded as "student assignment toolkit," size and structure. We're pleased to share our first draft. We hope these changes will further assist you in marketing AskUsNow! during your school visits. 

Please contact Paul and Becca with any feedback by no later than Monday, 2/29/16.  This is a rough draft: the finished product will include pleasing graphics and additional contact information.

June Update: Quick and Dirty AskUsNow! Marketing

June Update:

Promoting a new database or research tool at your library?  The database or research tool announcement can include ways to contact the library to get help learning how to use it (i.e. chat, phone, email, social media).

Remind your school and department liaisons to promote AskUsNow! to summer faculty and teachers (who tend to be adjuncts and teachers who only teach during the summer), and they will relay the promotion to their students.  

How to Have a Class Visit - The Toolkit

The “How to Have a Class Visit” Toolkit is ready for distribution!

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