Searching the Full Text of Transcripts

Did you know you can search the full text of our chat, email, and text message transcripts? (WOO HOO!)

Here's how it works:


From the QuestionPoint homepage, click on Ask in the dropdown menu.You will now see the Search box has a drop-down menu next to it:



Real Transcripts, Real Analysis

Real Transcripts, Real Analysis, presented by Cynthia Johnson and Caitlin Plovnik of UC Irvine, demonstrates what makes certain reference interactions go from "good" to "great." It is part of the QuestionPoint "Best Practices in Virtual Reference" series.

See the slides.

When a Customer Requests a Transcript From a Previous Session

This guide walks you through the steps of getting a previous transcript re-sent to a customer.

Quality Tip: Customers and their Transcripts

I get a lot of questions about resending transcripts to customers that didn't get them. So here's the skinny on what goes on with transcripts and how to get them to your customers again:

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