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Customer Service Excellence in Email Reference

For following up with a customer via email, we have the same customer service/quality guidelines that we do in person or in chat! The benchmark of a successful customer service email effort should be the quality of the response. Here's a quick guide to excellent email reference!

Let's say a customer came into chat asking about resources for becoming a dental hygienist and the chatting librarian marked the session for follow-up via email. This is how you'd want to respond:

Exceptional AskUsNow! Transcripts: FY15-17

Congratulations to all of our nominated and recognized providers!

The Referer: It Saves Reference Interview Steps

"I need an obituary from this newspaper." 

"Where are the peer-reviewed articles?"

We've all seen versions of these oddly-specific questions.  In some cases, this is because customers assume we can see what they see.  Thanks to the referer (aka referral URL), this is somewhat the case. 

The referer shows the page where the customer began their AskUsNow! chat.  It's located in the Info tab on the chat monitor:

The 10 Things You CAN Do for Customers

Here are the 10 things to keep in mind when providing great customer service:

1. Focus on what you CAN do

Your customer may have just asked you what seems like an impossible request. However, there's always something you can do! Maybe the most logical step is referring them to another organization, or to their local library. Maybe you can get them something similar to what they're asking for. No matter what, do not send them away without a next step.

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