Helping AskUsNow! Patrons With Law Questions

While we cannot give legal advice to our patrons, we are empowered to connect them with resources and people who can. Maryland has a variety of places to find information on questions pertaining to laws, case law interpretation, and legal procedures. 

What Exactly Are “Law” Questions?

We see many questions covering the history and application of legal precedent. This guide refers to questions covering civil and criminal procedure, case law, and regulations. For example: 

Statewide Tax Preparation and Sales/Foreclosure Information

As we see a slight increase in tax preparation questions, please anticipate that there are multiple ways to answer these questions:

Fake News v. Real News Resources

Nationwide, libraries are taking "Fake News v. Real News" headlines seriously to the point that libraries and information literacy advocates have written articles and created research tools to help researchers determine how authoritative the news they found online is.  

Some points to consider when giving customers real news, or helping customers determine fake news versus real news include:

Follow-Up by Email: Referring a Chat Session to a Subject Specialist

Are you a liaison or chat librarian who is trying to figure out if your library has a subject specialist who can effectively reply back to a customer's chat question?

  • Genealogy?
  • Maryland history?
  • Maryland law?
  • Engineering?
  • Meteorology?
  • Another Subject Specialty?

We may not have all of the subject expertise at our library.  I don't think there is one librarian who can state they specialize in every subject, even though we sometimes try hard to do it.

Law Questions: What does the Maryland State Law Library answer compared to academic and public libraries?

Guest blog by Catherine McGuire, AskUsNow! Liaison and Head of Reference and Outreach, Maryland State Law Library


Best Bet:  Law Librarian

Anything that asks for specific laws or processes related to law.

National History Day Resources

2019 National History Day Theme:  Triumph and Tragedy in History


National History Day Theme Book

Statewide, AUN NHD FAQs

Three points to keep in mind about this year's National History Day competition: 

Wanted: New AskUsNow! Recommended Chat Resources

Do you have any AskUsNow! Recommended Chat Resources,, that you use often with AskUsNow! and global chat customers?  Becca and I recently added in "Sending Files to Customers" resources and removed resources that we have not seen cited as often in our transcript review.  We also added in resources that may be worthwhile to try out in future chat sessions.

Recap: 2015 MLA/DLA Conference

Last week's MLA/DLA Conference was the total time package:  time to have fun, learn, network, catch up with colleagues, match faces to the AskUsNow! community, meet the vendors, and figure out what to take back to our libraries. 

Springtime Marketing and Online Resources

Academic libraries are halfway through the spring semester, and public libraries have K-12 students that are just about 3/4 through the school year.  Who should know about AskUsNow!?  Besides humanities questions (i.e. English, History, and the Social Sciences) being asked by students throughout the year, what types of homework and project help are on the minds of our students? 

Who should know about AskUsNow!?

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