Policy Pages: Please Create, Revise and Update with Relevant and In-Demand Information


A policy page is a form filled out by the local institution that is available to librarians helping your customers through the QuestionPoint software.  These pages are designed to help Collaborative members better help your customers.  This page will tell you how to edit and view these pages within QuestionPoint.

How Do I Change or Add a Customer's Email in QP for Follow-Up, to Give the Customer a Copy of Their Chat Transcript?

Did a customer enter an email during the chat session?  When this happens, we need to assure that the customer receives a copy of the chat transcript.  More importantly, if the customer needs follow-up, we will need the email in the right place.  If an email address was given in chat, but not entered when the customer initially asked their question, you will need to change the email in the system. This explains that process.

How Do I Know if a Customer is Mine?

Unsure of which library a customer "belongs" to? Are you not sure where to refer them? If so, this guide is for you.

Responding to a Customer Response in Followup

You've clicked on a question from one of your Question Lists to write back to the customer, but you have no function buttons. What to do? This guide will help.

I Want to Change How I Am Alerted to New Customers

This will help you change your customer alert settings in Flash Chat.

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