June Update: Quick and Dirty AskUsNow! Marketing

June Update:

Promoting a new database or research tool at your library?  The database or research tool announcement can include ways to contact the library to get help learning how to use it (i.e. chat, phone, email, social media).

Remind your school and department liaisons to promote AskUsNow! to summer faculty and teachers (who tend to be adjuncts and teachers who only teach during the summer), and they will relay the promotion to their students.  

Twelfth Anniversary Social Media Campaign

On Tuesday, March 17, AskUsNow! celebrated its twelfth anniversary. A one-week social media campaign presented highlights and fun facts from the service’s history. The campaign, which included well wishes from our partner libraries as well, was one of the most successful weeks of social media engagement.

Qwidget Implementation Poster Session

2015 MLA/DLA Conference Poster Session

Qwidget Implementation Project:  

More Information

Please refer to


Questions to the Maryland and Non-Maryland Library Contributors:


School Is Wrapping Up? Time to Access Maryland AskUsNow!

Updated on 4/16/15:  The Pratt Chat Blog published School is Wrapping Up?:  Time to Access Maryland AskUsNow!.

Here is a sample email/blog post that can be used and adapted to promote AskUsNow! to students and educators before the school year/semester ends.  Best, Paul.


AskUsNow! Social Media Plan in Action

Since January 2015, AskUsNow! has been working to increase its presence on Facebook and Twitter. During these first three months of "refreshed" social media, we began following an action plan to help us define our target audience and engage our supporters.

AskUsNow! Marketing Plan: 2015-2016

Maryland AskUsNow!

Marketing Strategies:  2015-2016 

The following strategies have been developed thanks to feedback given from 11 AskUsNow! partner libraries who completed  marketing assessment forms, feedback from site visits, and ongoing phone and email conversations with the partner libraries.


Goal 1:  Bring online visibility to Maryland AskUsNow! using a variety of social media platforms.

Springtime Marketing and Online Resources

Academic libraries are halfway through the spring semester, and public libraries have K-12 students that are just about 3/4 through the school year.  Who should know about AskUsNow!?  Besides humanities questions (i.e. English, History, and the Social Sciences) being asked by students throughout the year, what types of homework and project help are on the minds of our students? 

Who should know about AskUsNow!?

AskUsNow! Marketing Materials List - June 2015

Updated on 8/31/15:  AskUsNow! is out of giveaways. 

The following materials are listed below.  Send an email to to request a supply, indicating how many of each item you would like. If demand exceeds supply we'll do our best to divide things up fairly.


NOT AVAILABLE:  Posters - 12" x 18" 

March is AskUsNow! Month!

As part of the on-going celebration for AskUsNow!'s 10th anniversary, March is officially ('cause we said so) AskUsNow! month. To note this, we're pushing out a month's worth of activities and "asks" for our partner institutions (that's you) and our customers.

The Ask Campaign: looking for photos for print and digital media

To celebrate and help promote our now-10 year old cooperative service, we are launching an ASK campaign statewide in both print and digital media. And we'd like your help to create a bank of photos we can use.

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