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"Shared Follow-Up" is a folder of chat sessions that have been marked with the "Follow Up By Patron Library" resolution code.  Shared Follow-Up Libraries have the responsibility of sending chat sessions to the customers' local libraries or subject specialists, or replying back to them immediately. Shared Follow-Up is another way that AskUsNow! libraries and librarians help each other out within the 72-hour follow-up by email expectation.

Special Library Partner Optimization

Updated on 5/7/18

In order to give AskUsNow!'s special library partners more visibility within Maryland, our library partners across the state can now link directly to our special library partners / subject specialists websites and email webforms where deemed appropriate for their own websites.

Our Special Library Partners are Open for Referrals!

Updated on 5/7/2018

You are one of the 200-300 librarians who actively staff Maryland AskUsNow!'s chat service. You’re part of a system that is made up of 40 partner libraries. Through your session(s), you help to cover AskUsNow! for over 200 hours a week, all from computers like yours, and all over Maryland.

Customer Service Excellence in Email Reference

For following up with a customer via email, we have the same customer service/quality guidelines that we do in person or in chat! The benchmark of a successful customer service email effort should be the quality of the response. Here's a quick guide to excellent email reference!

Let's say a customer came into chat asking about resources for becoming a dental hygienist and the chatting librarian marked the session for follow-up via email. This is how you'd want to respond:

Customer Emails and Referring For Follow-Up

It's important to get customer email addresses if follow-up is needed. This guide walks you though how to do that (and what to do if you didn't).

How to Send a Question for Follow-Up to a Non-Maryland Library

Sometimes a session needs follow-up by a non-Maryland library.  You have multiple options!

Follow-Up by Email: Referring a Chat Session to a Subject Specialist

Are you a liaison or chat librarian who is trying to figure out if your library has a subject specialist who can effectively reply back to a customer's chat question?

  • Genealogy?
  • Maryland history?
  • Maryland law?
  • Engineering?
  • Meteorology?
  • Another Subject Specialty?

We may not have all of the subject expertise at our library.  I don't think there is one librarian who can state they specialize in every subject, even though we sometimes try hard to do it.

QuestionPoint Install and Updates: Sunday, October 12, 2014

This fix is specifically to restore the functionality of the refer to email partner capability in the Ask module reported after the previous install. No Release Notes accompany this install.

For prior install updates, go to


Paul Chasen

Statewide Coordinator, Maryland AskUsNow!


Contacting non-partner libraries when their customers have questions

There are some county systems in Maryland that are not AskUsNow! partners. Sometimes we get questions from customers of these systems. Read more for how to get their customer's questions routed correctly.

Responding to a Customer Response in Followup

You've clicked on a question from one of your Question Lists to write back to the customer, but you have no function buttons. What to do? This guide will help.

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