New Staff Training

New Staff Training Registration is at

New Staff Training (NST) is mandatory for all Maryland Library staff who want to provide the Maryland AskUsNow! service. Project Liaisons may also attend at any time.  Interested in learning about the service?  Please try out Part I. 

NST has been redesigned and split into three parts. A checklist guides participants through the series from start to finish. After registering for a class, we start participants with Part I which consists of a series of online self-paced tutorials and quizzes. After Part I is completed, participants attend their registered face to face half-day class (Part II) where we give participants hands-on time with the software focus on the behaviors of chat reference. Part III consists of shadowing and practice sessions overseen by the participant's liaison before they are able to monitor chat fully.

Through demonstration and hands-on experience participants of NST will become familiar with AskUsNow!, the 24/7 Cooperative, and the features of the QuestionPoint Chat follow-up systems. Participants will also learn to recognize the proper communication and reference behaviors to apply in the live chat reference transaction. At the conclusion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Navigate the service's staff website.
  • Log in, select queues to monitor, and retrieve a customer using OCLC QuestionPoint's Chat interface.
  • Use the Chat interface to interact with a customer and successfully complete a transaction.
  • Identify at least 6 model behaviors for providing chat reference on Maryland AskUsNow!


Part I:  Tutorials, Quiz, and Activity

Part II:  Face-to-Face Training

Prerequisite:  Successfully completed Part I.  Please register for Part II at

New Statewide Staff Training date(s) and time(s): 

Please contact Paul Chasen, Statewide Coordinator, Maryland AskUsNow! ( or 443-984-4955) to schedule new staff training at your library.   

Part III:  Follow-Up & Practice

Prerequisite:  Successfully completed Parts I & II


New Staff Training Checklist

Part I: Tutorials & Quizzes

Part II: Face-to-Face Training

Part III: Follow-Up & Practice





A Note on Weather-Related Cancelations

All training sessions are scheduled to take place unless the location hosting the training is closed or the trainer cancels the session. You may ask AUN admin if you have any questions regarding weather-related cancelations.