Part I: New Staff Training

This is Part I of the New Staff Training for new AskUsNow! providers.  Each part builds on the previous one.  No participant can move onto Part II without completing Part I.  4 Contact Hours are given for Parts I and II.

PART I:  Tutorials, Quiz, and Activity

Please watch the tutorials, review the materials, and complete the quiz and activity before traveling to Part II of the New Staff Training.

Tutorials:  a.o. 12/10/18, the following tutorials are optional to view before the PART II:  Face to Face Training:

The tutorials will require you to fill out a registration form before viewing.  If you use Chrome, you may need to download a WebEx extension.  If you use Firefox, you may be prompted to enable a WebEx extension.

If you are unable to view the tutorials, I highly suggest reviewing the Chat Monitor Quick Guide and the Resolution Codes before PART II.

Quiz:  a.o. 12/10/18, the quiz is optional to take before the PART II:  Face to Face Training
If you cannot access the quiz, please complete the Word Doc version of the quiz (We suggest highlighting the correct answers.) and email it to ""  Thanks!
Please review the AskUsNow! Guidelines, Recommended Resources, and Qwidgets from the Librarian and Customer Viewpoints. 

Activity: log on to AskUsNow! as a customer from or your library's website, and complete a chat session.  It is highly recommended to ask a research question for your own interest or one that would be for school or work purposes, preferably a research question on a subject that you know little to nothing about.

  Having difficulty asking a question?  Please pick one of ours.  Please don't try to stump the librarian.  Pay attention to how you feel during the session and what the librarian did or didn't do. We will discuss your experiences in Part II.

From the Activity, please bring in a copy of your chat transcript to Part II of the New Staff Training.  If you want to save paper, please email a copy of the chat transcript to the Statewide Coordinator.  Whether printed or emailed, this is your ticket to get into Part II of the New Staff Training.  Be ready to rate the service quality you experienced as high, medium, or low. What did the librarian do well?  What would have made the chat experience better?  For this activity, it doesn't matter if the librarian works at a Maryland library or elsewhere in the QuestionPoint 24/7 Cooperative.  We won't identify them by name in discussion.

All Done?  Please prepare for PART II:  Face to Face Training